Oasby Horse Trials - Bizzy Loffet and Starflower

Watch Bizzy Loffet and Starflower’s cross country round at Oasby Horse Trials, 9-12 March 2017. The pair won the Pony Trials section.

About Oasby

Classes run at Oasby include:

  • BE90 (BE90)
  • BE100 (BE100)
  • BE100 Open (BE100Open)
  • BE100 under 18 (BE100u18)
  • Novice (N)
  • Open Novice (ON)
  • Pony Trial (PT)
  • Intermediate (I)
  • Open Intermediate (OI)
  • Open Intermediate under 21 (OIu21) 

Oasby is run by Stuart and Anna Buntine at BEDE Events. It is well placed early in the eventing calendar and is run over flat ground, suitable for first-time runs. The ground is usually in good condition at this time of year.

For 2017, organiser and cross country course designer Stuart Buntine ran the course in the opposite direction to previous years, giving returning riders a new challenge.


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