Little Downham Horse Trials - Izzy Taylor and Impromptu II

Watch Advanced class winners Izzy Taylor and Impromptu II’s cross country round at Little Downham Horse Trials.


About Little Downham Horse Trials


Little Downham Horse Trials are held at Ely Eventing Centre in Cambridgeshire. The centre works closely with British Eventing to put on eight days of affiliated eventing each year across three events, both of which are organised by Ely Eventing Centre’s owner Tina Ure.

The chief asset at Ely Eventing is the unique peaty soil available in the fens. This allows excellent ground conditions throughout the year, despite the weather conditions. The cross country course is open all year round, depending on weather conditions.


Ely Eventing’s facilities include:

  • Cross country schooling in a designated area, which includes a variety of fences and training exercises starting at 2ft and ranging up to 3ft 9in, with the majority being at around BE90 and BE100 level.
  • Two water complexes with a large variety of jumping options, including jumps in the water. The central complex is one of the longest in Europe, with the complex adjacent to the road now featuring a jumping island.
  • Lots of ditches, some filled with water, in all sizes, including six separate ‘coffin combinations’.
  • Sunken road complex and separate step/bank area to suit all levels.
  • Show jumping on grass, available to hire in conjunction with the cross country or separately.


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